Integration governance model: Managing risk and developing solutions that solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges

08/13/14 -

Rethinking the governance model ensures states procure the right products and integrate them correctly

Rising costs … shrinking budgets … burgeoning populations … mounting taxpayer demands … increasing federal legislation … Never more than now have states felt the burden of developing systems that are reliable and cost effective, as well as agile and adaptable.

However, the winds of change are blowing as states begin to recognize the need to move away from building custom systems toward assembling solutions comprised of preexisting products. Still, many miss the vital key to ensuring success in this new IT environment—governance. By forgoing the traditional, “Here’s what we need, now you make it happen,” approach and taking full ownership of a project, states can manage project risk effectively, as well as develop and integrate solutions that solve today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s inevitabilities.

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