Modular Integration

Successfully implementing modular solutions requires an integration framework that is capable of assembling functional modules using a tiered data model, shared services, event handling, process flows, transaction state management and interfaces to both real-time and batch systems. We leverage best practices and reusable business processes through business process reengineering versus developing one-off, “As-Is”, customized, or proprietary solutions that are costly to maintain.


EngagePoint hand-­selects each program governance team to create an experienced, capable, and knowledgeable team to implement a project. We establish project governance structures to track all project activities and provide regular reporting to state stakeholder groups to ensure project alignment with established requirements. We foster an environment for clear communication, synchronized activities, and established processes for issue resolution and change control.


To ensure that our customers are successfully achieving their business objectives with EngagePoint products, EngagePoint is committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers through dedication, expertise, and professionalism. EngagePoint customer support is available via a variety of contact methods, including telephone support and email during support to assist, troubleshoot, and resolve specific issues.


Our software development services allow you to build your dedicated engineering team and shorten time to market while saving up to 60% of development budget, including costs of hiring and retaining a team at your location. We embrace standards, including SOA and MITA and actively apply the philosophy of reuse, modularity and separation of concerns to our software design and development.