EngagePoint™ Releases Financials 5c

04/8/16 - Press Release

Comprehensive Billing and Payment Solution configurable for any program across or the HHS market.

EngagePoint announced the release of EngagePoint Financials 5c, the first commercially available Financials Platform built specifically for Health Plans and public programs delivered through the Cloud. EngagePoint Financials 5c release introduces Commercial Health Plan support, consumer cost sharing support, expanded benefit plan support, and expanded integration capabilities.

“Most commercially available Financials products today are either part of a monolithic system that serve a single purpose or a generic financial software that needs to jump through hoops to serve a single health and human services program,” says Sumant Anand, EVP of Sales, Marketing and Solutions at EngagePoint. “To make matter worse, these systems are extremely costly, takes years to implement, and needs an army to support. With EngagePoint Financials 5c™ modular design and flexibility, it not only supports CMS procurement requirements, but provides a truly modular and reusable financial platform that can significantly reduce operating cost and increase productivity.”

EngagePoint’s clients have used EngagePoint Financials™ to generate invoices, calculate premiums, process enrollment, reconcile transactions and calculate subsidies. EngagePoint Financials 5c now expands its features to Medicaid, SNAP and TANF workflows with the enhanced flexibility to be configured for any program across any department including commercial health plan support. In addition, EngagePoint Financials 5c is now available as SaaS, in a Private Cloud, or as an On Premise deployment.