EngagePoint™ Releases Financials 2.1

06/15/15 - Media

Billing, Invoicing and Payment Processing Software with Multi-Program, Multi-Ledger Support for State and Federal Agencies and Public Program Administration

EngagePoint announced the release of version 2.1 of EngagePoint Financials, a comprehensive billing and payment solution for financial administration of public programs administered by state and federal agencies. The 2.1 release introduces multi-ledger support, enhanced business rules capability, preconfigured rules for various public programs.

“Government agencies have complex billing and financial administration scenarios because they’re managing multiple programs at the same time,” said Antonio Jones, vice president for product management. “We’ve enhanced EngagePoint Financials so business users can configure and manage multiple public programs simultaneously and manage bills and payments accurately and efficiently.”

EngagePoint Financials is a commercial-off-the-shelf software product that integrates easily with eligibility and enrollment (E&E) systems. The E&E systems can trigger events into EngagePoint Financials to kick off automated billing, invoicing, payment, case management, bill adjustments and life event processing. EngagePoint Financials includes support for open-item and balance-forward billing and invoicing and is fully configurable to support program-specific rules and policies.

This release includes preconfigured rules for Medicaid, CHIP and other public programs, allowing state and federal agencies to implement faster. Other features included in this release are:

  • Real-time online payments, paper checks and cash payments.
  • Integration with major payment processors and payment systems.
  • Double-entry recordkeeping with multiple sub-ledger accounting.
  • Configurable chart of accounts and accounting rules.
  • Payment disbursement to payees in standard EDI format (e.g., 820).
  • Administrative, employer and citizen portals.
  • Enhanced export and integration interfaces.