EngagePoint™ Releases Enroll 2.1, Multi-Program Enrollment Solution

06/23/15 - Media

Comprehensive Enrollment Management Solution Empowers Citizens and Case Workers and Drives Down Costs for Public Program Administration

EngagePoint announced the release of EngagePoint Enroll 2.1, a software solution for enterprise-wide enrollment administration for state and federally administered public programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare, insurance exchanges and social services programs. The Enroll software ensures that citizens have a streamlined experience when enrolling in any public program, and it dramatically reduces the duplication of effort and cost of enrollment for the program administrator.

Today most agencies employ program-specific enrollment processes that result in citizens encountering duplicative steps and different experiences as they migrate from one program to the next. To make matters worse, the processes used to manage life events vary widely across programs. A life event, such as change in employment or residency, can result in changes to the citizen’s eligibility for the program. Since there is no streamlined process to handle life events across programs, the citizen experience becomes very disjointed. As a result, the cost to manage life events is very high and prone to errors. EngagePoint Enroll addresses these issues by providing an enterprise-wide enrollment platform that seamlessly handles life events across programs.

“Enrollment administration needs a reboot to focus on the citizen, not on a specific program,” said EngagePoint CEO Pradeep Goel. “EngagePoint Enroll standardizes the program enrollment process to provide a unified experience for the citizen while achieving higher efficiency for caseworkers and lower costs for the administrator.”

EngagePoint Enroll also maximizes the self-service ability for the citizens and refocuses caseworkers on high-value cases. The configurable rules and workflow capability of EngagePoint Enroll gives program administrators the ability to automate and more effectively manage business processes, such as application intake, evidence management, renewals, un-enrollment, case transfer, and appeals.

As with all EngagePoint products, EngagePoint Enroll is deployed and configured in strict adherence to our core principles of Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) and service-oriented architecture (SOA). These principles allow for effective integration with both legacy and modern, services-oriented systems.