Going modular

Traditional approaches of IT system modernization have led to more failures than successes. Current systems are not citizen-centric or outcome-focused, preventing citizens from achieving their maximum social and economic potential. Modularity is the proven mechanism that will allow agencies to deliver precision benefits to its citizens, the right benefit at the right time.

Why is modularity important?

Modularity helps minimize the risk of failure and un-met citizen expectations as well as help lower cost of ownership. A modular approach to enterprise system implementation represents the best hope and strategy for achieving better outcomes for system modernization investments.

Why is it relevant

Federal agencies are directing States toward a modular approach for system modernization. Modularity leads to better outcomes for citizens, tax payers and families in terms of cost, timeliness and effectiveness of the next era of IT systems.

Why are we your best partner?

We’ve been practicing modularity, reusability and integration for years, through our roles as a software developer, system integrator and prime contractor. We have developed the Modularity Maturity Model – M3, based on our own decades of experience in building commercial and public sector solutions for HHS programs.

Introducing M3 – Modularity Maturity Model

M3 is a unique solution from EngagePoint that allows agencies to modernize IT systems and improve citizen outcomes by lowering risk, cost and time of implementation. With our well defined risk assessment, remediation and measurement model you can:

Measure the state of readiness and risk factors associated with modular implementations

Identify the priorities and isolate risks across all stakeholders

Define actions needed to achieve the optimal outcome, reassess and revaluate organizational readiness

Client Testimonials

DHS retained EngagePoint as one of the lead vendors on the Eligibility and Enrollment Framework Project. EngagePoint was responsible for the systems architecture, security integration, and deployment management roles and helped DHS reach the federally-mandated deadline. This project stands out as one of the most complex projects ever undertaken by DHS due to complexity of the project and the short timeframe allowed for completion.

Mark White, Deputy Director, Arkansas Department of Human Services

In April 2013, the Arkansas Legislature passed the Private Option alternative to the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansion. As a result, the State had to build an integrated eligibility system. We had months – not years. EngagePoint was the prime contractor on that important project. The result was a system that was both on time and operational.

David J. Sanders, Senator, Arkansas Senate

Looking to help citizens achieve their social and economic potential?

Go Modular. Download our whitepaper on why modularity is a better approach to Enterprise IT system modernization in HHS.

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