Pradeep Goel

Chief Executive Officer

Pradeep Goel - EngagePoint

As Chief Executive Officer and a national expert in healthcare and technology innovation, Pradeep Goel provides the leadership to achieve EngagePoint’s organizational vision and mission. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Goel has successfully built and managed healthcare industry IT organizations with a focus on cutting edge applications for healthcare transactions and consumer engagement. Throughout his long and successful entrepreneurial career, Mr. Goel has developed groundbreaking software for the insurance industry, creatively and innovatively using technology to solve the constantly evolving problems affecting EngagePoint’s customers.

As CEO of EngagePoint, Mr. Goel brings a passion and dedication to helping government agencies and commercial payers meet the ongoing challenges of healthcare reform. Under Mr. Goel’s leadership, the company is in a period of continued and rapid growth as our customers in the government and commercial sectors seek to implement health insurance exchanges and benefits marketplaces by integrating new technology with existing legacy systems. EngagePoint recently announced that it was named a subcontractor on the state of Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Project, its second state HIX project in 2012, where it will deploy its financial management module for billing, aggregation, and reconciliation of payments.

Through a combination of leadership and targeted acquisitions, EngagePoint grew both its customer base and revenue. In 2012, the Inc placed EngagePoint 34th on its list of the 500 of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States, with a three-year growth of 5,855%. EngagePoint also achieved the number two ranking in the healthcare sector.

Mr. Goel launched EngagePoint in 2007 with a focus on Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDHC) and the healthcare benefit administration industry. During his tenure as CEO, Mr. Goel was named to the Health Information Technology Advisory Council (HITAC) for the State of North Dakota.

Prior to forming EngagePoint, Mr. Goel co-founded Dakota Imaging, Inc., a company that developed innovative software specifically for the insurance industry. Mr. Goel and his brother, Sandeep, engineered a paradigm shift in the market, moving claims and document processing from hard-coded logic on large mainframe computers to a client-server environment. At Dakota Imaging, Mr. Goel developed distributed transaction workflow processing, using rules engines to drive high-volume, real-time transactions in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Major insurance companies, including 27 of the 39 Blue Cross Blue Shield companies across the United States, used the company’s lead product. As Chief Product Architect, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, then Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Goel engineered cutting-edge products and services that met needs so well that he never lost a customer. Dakota Imaging was successfully sold to WebMD/Emdeon in 2004.

Additionally, Mr. Goel is in demand as a speaker at industry-leading healthcare technology events, where he shares his experience and insight on topics such as Health Benefits Exchange Models and effective strategies for increasing adoption of consumer directed healthcare and engaging the consumer.

Mr. Goel earned a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering with a focus on operations research from Punjab University in India. In the United States, he completed graduate studies with a focus on very large data base (VLDB) technology.