EngagePoint Audit

EngagePoint Audit is a ready-to-use fully encapsulated, service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution designed to help organizations manage a wide range of audit-related processes on a single integrated platform. This solution captures critical business transaction data and system events in a large-scale, service-oriented enterprise. EngagePoint Audit ensures security and cost reduction by providing a seamless reliable traceability solution. It securely captures system events data from heterogeneous application environments, creates system logs, and tracks auditable events across the enterprise in different data formats, and stores them in a single centralized data log.

Regardless of the format of the source data, EngagePoint Audit leverages big data technology to efficiently house structured and unstructured data; this capability allows businesses to achieve SOA agility without sacrificing availability, integrity, and confidentiality. Security is built into the solution by design because sensitive data and critical applications remain on the server eliminating possibility of theft or loss. EngagePoint Audit provides flexible, on-demand reporting that presents relevant and critical information to business users. EngagePoint Audit enables server-hosted desktop session users to connect remotely and access multiple platforms and client devices improving mobility, data access, cost efficiency, and productivity. This module is non-intrusive and is very light on system resource usage.

  • Simple to use standards-based APIs to track system events.
  • Built on open source and open standards.
  • Big data infrastructure to store and process system events and business transactions.
  • Easily accessible administrative user interface with reporting engine to analyze events.
  • Enterprise ready: reliable, scalable, clustered, secure, and one-click deployment into any Java EE compliant application server.

EngagePoint Audit offers more than just helping organizations meet a host of new government regulations. Beyond the need to satisfy government regulations, data auditing is a paramount concern for anyone responsible for corporate databases. The task of safeguarding data assets is multi-faceted, but a central aspect is ensuring that data is changed only in intended ways and only the proper parties view the data. A comprehensive data auditing solution allows organizations to:

  • Detect and analyze breaches in user and application behavior, intentional, or accidental.
  • Perform forensic analysis for detecting fraud, outsider intrusion, and employee misbehavior.
  • Comply with internal corporate policies and processes.
  • Understand and improve internal business processes.
  • Rapidly respond to violations and vulnerabilities.
  • Verify strategic partner activities.
  • Verify third-party application behavior.
  • Answer ad-hoc business questions.
  • Satisfy external due diligence for strategic relationships or customer confidence.
  • Comply with government regulations regarding the security and privacy of data.