EngagePoint Architect Suite

Tipping the mainframe for a connected enterprise

EngagePoint Architect Suite delivers the shared foundation your state needs to increase reuse, reduce risk, and deliver functionality faster, easier, and at a lower cost. Its five products are reusable components that perform the common functions nearly every system needs: authentication, orchestration, content management, notification capability, and service management.

Build once and reuse

Systems built in isolation create boundaries that prevent the sharing of data, business logic, and processes. As much as 80% of your technology budget can be spent on building the nonfunctional components that are needed to support the functionality you’re delivering.

A one-time investment in EngagePoint Architect Suite gives you standardized components that aren’t tied to business logic, so they can be reused across all systems. Over time, it helps you spend less money on maintenance, interfacing, and tweaking the infrastructure, leaving more money for delivering new functionality.

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EngagePoint Architect Suite’s five products

EngagePoint Authenticate provides identification and authentication of users and systems to secure and allow traceability of processes and workflows, user accounts and actions, and use of applications and services. It manages enterprise single sign-on (SSO) across disparate systems, works with your existing identity management solutions, and provides self-registration.

EngagePoint Conduct acts as a traffic cop to manage workflow and coordinate business processes. Its business process automation platform is designed and optimized for service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments.

EngagePoint Content allows you to access content from wherever it lives within your enterprise. It provides a single management, search, and retrieval point for documents and other content across your enterprise. Its federated model means that you benefit from a unified, standards-based, virtual repository, no matter how many physical content repositories your enterprise maintains.

EngagePoint Notify lets you to manage and send template-driven notifications to users across your enterprise through email, SMS, print mail, and secure messaging. You can direct communications by the channel preference you or your recipients prefer. Its ready-to-use message generation supports your regulatory and customer service needs through flexible, accurate, and consistent notification delivery.

EngagePoint Service offers comprehensive management of services. It works with your existing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to register and track service utilization and service level agreements (SLAs), helping to maintain the optimal health and operational integrity of the service network.

Discover EngagePoint Architect Suite

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EngagePoint Authenticate -

EngagePoint Authenticate provides authentication, authorization, and provisioning services within a SOA environment which:

  • Simplifies participation in single sign-on (SSO) environments and provides a mechanism for propagating user credentials across a SOA environment and existing Identity Management Solutions.
  • Ensures the concern of non-repudiation is met with minimal impact to business services, maximizing reusability.
  • Is based on the WS-Trust open standard, SAML 2.0 Web browser SSO profile, and Web Services Security SAML 2.0 Token Profile.
  • Fully integrates with EngagePoint Audit for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) assurance.

EngagePoint Conduct -

EngagePoint Conduct is a service-oriented process that seamlessly integrates people, processes, and systems, increasing the efficiency and visibility of business, which:

  • Features a standard-based, general-purpose service-oriented business process automation platform designed to capitalize on the opportunities of SOA.
  • Executes BPMN 2.0-compliant process models directly on a high-performance BPEL engine that runs on any standards-based J2EE application server container and supports WS-Human Task specification.
  • Improves business agility dramatically by enabling an organization to shift focus from a traditional siloed function-oriented approach to a process-oriented one, thus avoiding the inherent challenges of becoming “islands of processing”.

EngagePoint Content -

EngagePoint Content provides “shared service utility” capabilities within a SOA environment which:

  • Provides unified enterprise content management services within SOA environments by “federating” the content from multiple sources into a single unified (standards based) repository.
  • Enables an organization to dramatically manage various document management technologies from a single unified vantage point with the full ability to centralize management of security + audit + search/retrieval requirements across multiple content management systems.
  • Integrates with other EngagePoint Architect Suite products such as EngagePoint Authenticate, EngagePoint Audit, and EngagePoint Notify.

EngagePoint Notify -

EngagePoint Notify is a ready-to-use message generation and delivery solution for multi-channel communications within an SOA environment which:

  • Provides loosely coupled message-templating solutions for service consumers with a high degree of flexibility, accuracy, and consistency independent of the complexity of the message content itself.
  • Integrates with other SOA service components, either stand-alone or with EngagePoint Authenticate, EngagePoint Audit, and EngagePoint Content, to support all regulatory and customer support needs of an organization.

EngagePoint Service -

EngagePoint Service facilitates service publishing via a service registry and tracks service utilization and SLAs to maintain the optimal health and operational integrity of the service network across a SOA environment. Resting atop an enterprise’s existing ESB, EngagePoint Service enhances integration via dynamic proxy endpoints and wire taps. EngagePoint Service allows organizations to avoid “vendor lock-in” to particular ESB technologies but still capitalize on SOA.

Service can be fully integrated with other products within EngagePoint Architect Suite such as EngagePoint Audit and EngagePoint Notify.