EngagePoint Reconcile

EngagePoint Reconcile streamlines the reconciliation of processes, transactions, data, and money across multiple stakeholders. It moves your state from a linear process to an “any to any” approach that simplifies multi-program reconciliation.

Reducing the degree of separation to one

Traditionally reconciliation has been linear: A reconciles with B, who reconciles with C, and so on. EngagePoint Reconcile makes the reconciliation of people, processes, and money comprehensive, so A can reconcile with C as easily as with B.

EngagePoint Reconcile was designed to figure out where something went wrong and why. It helps you:

  • Resolve the identity conflicts of one person participating in multiple programs.
  • Match records between the state and carriers.
  • Ensure payees have been made whole.

The product displays data in a dashboard so directors can identify the root cause of a problem and correct it. The product’s drag-and-drop, point-and-click interfaces make it easy to use and configure for processes and rules.

EngagePoint Reconcile is designed to plug in quickly and integrate with other products that are already in place or will be added in the future.