EngagePoint Enroll

EngagePoint Enroll is a web and mobile application that handles the entire enrollment process from initialization to execution, and every step in between. With one click, citizens can choose a benefits package, and the product automatically enrolls them in all of the relevant underlying programs. EngagePoint Enroll also acts as a life events hub to manage any life changes a user experiences.

Multiple programs, one-click enrollment

Managing enrollments in a multi-program environment is extremely challenging. EngagePoint Enroll helps you promote cross-agency interaction. Its powerful analytics helps you optimize enrollment in your programs, while its system of record capability assures the integrity of the enrollments.

The product also acts as a life events hub. It processes life events and figures out how the changes affect the user’s enrollment across multiple programs. EngagePoint Enroll prevents users from having to return to the application process and ensures the user’s life events are processed accurately across all systems.

As with all of EngagePoint Admin Suite’s products, EngagePoint Enroll is designed to plug in quickly and integrate with other products that are already in place or will be added in the future.