EngagePoint Assist
Your own application store in the cloud, that knows your business
Now you can engage your stakeholders with purpose-built applications by simply describing your need. Assist will immediately build a specialized application that can leverage your existing systems and data. With one click you can make the application available on any device.
Whole process takes minutes not months
Usually, building stakeholder specific applications requires you to deal with all the risks of complex IT projects
Imagine a better way
  • Easily build an application for an individual user or million users
  • Automate business processes without writing a line of code
  • Give stakeholders access to what, when, where they need
  • No RFPs, no project plans, no resource conflicts, no waiting
  • Accomplish in minutes and hours, what used to take years
EngagePoint Assist does all that and more
Unprecedented business agility, flexibility and control
Encyclopedia of your business
Assist learns your business, so you don’t have to learn a new language
Just tell your story
Don’t write requirements, just describe your need
See the app
Instantly visualize simple or complex applications
Link your assets
Easily link and leverage your data and systems
It is your brand
Match your existing brand or create a brand new look
Share with one click
Share your applications with any user, on any device, with one click
Organize your apps
Share one application or a cabinet of apps to clients
Monitor and measure
Real-time view of who is using what, when, and how
Enhance and optimize
Behavioral analytics that show you how to improve user experience
Safe and secure
Your data is always safe and access controlled
Keeps pace with your ambition
From small business to global enterprise, Assist scales with you
We are community
Shared ideas, knowledge and apps
The inevitable consequence of better computer systems is a smarter use of people’s time.
- Bill Gates, Business @ the Speed of Thought
Assist redefines business agility
  • Replaces long projects and large teams with the ability to do it yourself
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of purpose-built applications
  • No waiting for scarce technical resources
  • Eliminates procurement and project risks
  • Enables business development with tremendous flexibility and speed
Get rid of vicious cycle of requirements, procurement, design, contracting, coding, testing, change orders and compromising
Hear more about how Assist has redefined business agility
How Assist empowers businesses and government agencies
A state child welfare agency needed to enable caseworkers, social workers, and law enforcement to do more, from any device, anywhere
Their needs
  • To be able to create, edit, and manage case notes
  • Real-time access to child protective services assessment
  • Immediately initiate child protective action plans
  • Review consolidated case history
  • Submit photo and video evidence and safely share
  • Search legacy systems to identify past
  • Initiate investigations on suspects and past offenders
  • Create and share legal documents and store safely
  • Utilize decision support to correctly assist risk to child
Within twenty-four hours we published an application cabinet that allows caseworkers to coordinate action plans with various stakeholders, both in the office and at home of the child.
Ready to get started?
Available subscriptions
Publish scenario specific apps to unlimited users, securely, with built-in behavioral analytics
  • Applications: 20
  • Transaction: 25 000
  • Content Add-On: -
  • Support: Email
More power and speed, built-in access control, link your data, and automate your processes
  • Applications: 40
  • Transaction: 50 000
  • Content Add-On: Optional
  • Support: Email, Chat
More power and speed, built-in access control, link your data, and automate your processes with mobile support
  • Applications: 100
  • Transaction: 100 000
  • Content Add-On: Included
  • Support: Email, Chat, Phone