EngagePoint Assist learns and speeds up your business
Your application store in the cloud that knows your business
  • Go from idea to production in the same day
  • No RFPs, no project plans, no waiting
  • Assist speaks your language, just describe your need
  • Build, utilize, optimize business apps, within minutes
Precision benefit management for
citizens and employees
Precision medicine relies upon intelligent analysis of patient health metrics to deliver the best possible health outcome. Similarly, precision benefit management requires intelligent analysis of all health and social determinants of a family to ensure best outcomes.
Achieving the best outcomes for a family at lowest cost to society, through interoperable data and modular systems, is our vision and mission.
Modular Solutions for the Enterprise
EngagePoint modular solutions are designed for modernization of IT systems of government agencies, public programs and commercial enterprises
  • Lower risk
  • Reduced time to market
  • Lowest possible cost of ownership
  • Greater flexibility and control
  • Easy integrate with your environment
Admin Suite
Achieve effective business process automation and stakeholder engagement, in weeks instead of years
Functional modules that can be quickly configured and integrated to meet the business needs of any health and human services programs.
Architect Suite
Reduce integration code, time and cost, and manage the risk of modular system implementations.
Integration modules for tying together data models, sharing services, handling events, automating process flows, and managing transaction states in legacy and cloud environments.

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